Drinks Menu


Casablanca, Moroccan beer £3.25
Peroni £2.95
Budweiser £2.95
Becks £2.95

Soft Drinks

Mineral Water £2.00
Fruit Juices £2.00
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Pineapple Juice
Exotic Juice
Fizzy Drinks £2.00
Coke / Diet Coke
Tonic water
Soda water
J2o (mixed flavours) £2.25
House Fruit Cocktails £3.50
Red Marrakech. Strawberry, watermelon and raspberry
Casablanca. Vanilla, coconut, and figs
Exotica. Pineapple, mango and hazelnut
A selection of spirits and apéritif are available

Marrakech Restaurant Wine List

House Wines

Carafe Red ~ Italy per litre £13.95 1/2 carafe £7.25 glass 175ml £2.95 Soft and straightforward, a medium weight red enjoyable on its own or with food
Carafe White ~ Italy per litre £13.95 1/2 carafe £7.25 glass 175ml £2.95 Smooth and dry, a light and versatile white, simple and satisfyingly

Moroccan Reds

Siroua Rouge~ Morocco £13.95 Made from Carignan, with a nice blend of aromas, which goes well with traditional tagines or couscous.
Les 3 Demaines Rouge, Ruerrouane ~ Morocco £13.95 A supple full-bodied wine, a perfect accompaniment for meat and cheese
Ksar Rouge, Beni Mâ’tir ~ Morocco £13.95 From Merlot, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and syrah Grapes, full and round with good structure and generous soft fruit flavours
Domaine De Sahari Rouge ~ Morocco £15.95 Oak-matured wine from the Meknes area, displaying red berry flavours and soft plumy finish
Demaine Baroque Merlot/Syrah ~ Morocco £15.95 Deep red colour with hints of spice and sherry on the nose, full and rich with red fruits and vanilla on the palate with lingering aftertaste
Medaillon, Rouge ~ Morocco £18.95 Very stylish blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot emboldened with little Syrah, with ripe fruit and velvety texture

Moroccan Whites

Siroua Blanc ~ Morocco £13.95 A dry wine with a superbly crisp finish, typically Moroccan and excellent with tagines
Les 3 Demianes Blanc, Guerouane ~ Morocco £13.95 A fresh, fruity dry white, ideal with white meat, seafood or on its own
Ksar Blanc, Beni Mâ’tir ~ Morocco £13.50 From Ugni Blanc, Clairette and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, a fresh, full-flavoured wine, long on the palate with a crisp finish
Medaillon Blanc ~ Morocco £18.95 Made from Sauvignon Blanc, dry and minerally with hints of green apples, pleasingly full and round on the palate
Moroccan Rose
Ksar Rose, Bni Mâ’tir ~ Morocco £13.50 Made from a mix of Cinsault and Grenache grapes with a fresh pink colour and plenty of soft red fruit flavours in a dry style

Other Wines

Merlot, Pays Dâ’Oc, Demaine Bergnon ~ France £14.50 Soft, easy drinking with juicy plum and spice fruit and the warmth of character typical of the Languedoc
Chianti Classico, I Grotti ~ Italy £18.95 Cherry red Sangiovese wine with excellent structure, very appetising from the heart of Tuscany
Valpolicella, Villa Rocca ~ Italy £15.50 Light, soft and very quaffable, from Verona in the Veneto region

Other Whites

Frascati Superiore, Casale Del Grillo ~ Italy £15.50 Soft and velvety with satisfying weight, the famous local wine of Rome
Pinot Griggio, Venezia, La Scala ~ Italy £15.95 Delicately aromatic, dry and refreshing from the Veneto region. A delicious appetiser on its own or with food
Chardonnay Del Veneto, Campagnola ~ Italy £14.50 A light, dry white from northern Italy, unoaked and refreshing Other Rose
Chateau Cabezac Rose, Minervois ~ France £14.95 Elegant, pale pink with flavours of cherry and blackcurrant, fruity and dry
Sparkling Asti Spumenty, Cantico £18.95 Light medium sweet with a lively sparkle and deliciously grapey